We provide customers with high quality services by providing professional solutions, and customer satisfaction continues to drive us to improve our technical level, which also makes our relationship with partners and customers closer
Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecom carriers in overseas markets
China OEM’s and cellphone manufactures
Major secondary e-commerce B2B platform in overseas markets
Consumer electronics manufacturers
Global leading insurance providers in the European and American markets
Major secondary e-commerce B2B platform in overseas markets
What we can provide
We provide life cycle services for consumer electronic products such as mobile phones. For repair and refurbishment services, we can maximize the residual value of products, extend the life cycle of products, and return to the market in good condition. We not only provide high quality services, our technology, products and after-sales service are also very good, we have a professional team, you can rest assured to cooperate with us.
Provide customized services and solutions for mobile electronic products (within warranty period/outside the warranty period) provided by certified brands.
Use only certified original spare parts for repairs and refurbishments.
Through rigorous testing and ratings to ensure 100% functional functionality.
Provide long-term after-sales service policy to ensure no after-sales service issues.
All equipment is audited and tested by professionally certified technicians.
Quickly sell/deliver finished products to business partners through legal and secure channels.
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