Circular economy as a new economy growth model,it    insists the core of  efficient  utilization and recycling of resources ;adhering the principle of reduction, reuse and recycle;meanwhile ,featuring  on low consumption, low emission but high efficiency .This model conforms to the concept of sustainable development philosophy .And compare to the traditional model which  features on mass production, mass consumption, mass abandonment,this new growth model would be a fundamental reform .
With the increasing proportion of carbon emissions in the consumption sector , promoting green consumption has become more and more important. Under the guidance of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals ,the concepts of energy conservation ,emission reduction and green consumption have enjoyed popular support among the people. More and more consumers are embracing a green and low-carbon lifestyle, and green consumption has gradually set a new  fashion.People have changed  their attitude towards idle items, they have noticed the value of idle items then  revitalize personal idle items.Turn "wastes" into "re-consumption", improve the efficiency of resource utilization , and make the "second-hand economy" flourish .

Among second-hand products , consumer electronics represented by mobile phones are an important category. Data shows that in 2020, the transaction volume of second-hand consumer electronics in China will reach 188.6 million units, and the transaction value will reach 252.2 billion yuan. In the next five years,it is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 23.7%  and to reach 545.8 million units by 2025. At the same time, the transaction scale of China's second-hand e-commerce market has also grown rapidly, reaching 374.55 billion yuan with 182 million users. In 2020, global second-hand mobile phone sales reached to 225.4 million units.

Green ,low-carbon and recycle bring our earth a better tomorrow
Green consumption has become new trend, second-hand economy is booming
Used  digital products have become animportant
category of second -hand products .
Green ,low carbon and  recycle  has been the trend of world economy development
At present, our economy development exists  a lot problems : high consumption, heavy  pollution , resource and environment restriction,etc.Green,low-carbon and circular development strategy has reached a global consensus and become an inevitable choice. The world's powerful  economies are accelerating their deployment, taking the path of economical development, regarding the development of circular economy as the basic method to break the constraints of resources and environment, respond to climate change ,foster  new  economic growth points and seek a comprehensive reform  of the economic growth model.
The Earth is the home to us all ,we shoulder the responsibility and obligation to protect her well. In face of the radical situations of alarming resources and  environment pollution,we must step forward . Our work can minimize the pollution to the environment produced by electronics, and to make our due contributions to resources recycling ,emissions cutting and carbon neutrality.We are looking forward to more partners to join us!
Grace Li

Chairman of Huaqiang Green Technology Group
Create Devices A SecondLife